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Broadband Useage

Good morning, I have recently changed to BT as my phone/broadband supplier after being with plusnet for several years. My broadband speed has reduced form an average of 6-7MBS to 3-4MBS We have changed nothing, equipment wise, other than the router (supplied by BT) and a new home phone (supplied by BT) Any suggestions please?

More worrying is the fact that my Broadband useage has more than trebled this month. With Plusnet we never exceeded our 8GB/month allowance. We are already over 12GB this month, a useage we never came close to with Plusnet. We have not changed our browsing habits and the only sizeable download has been GPS map updates from Garmin, that was early in the month. I had a notification of heavy useage from BT at 6GB, since then we have downloaded virtually nothing and after 14 more days we are now above 12GB. Again, any suggestions please?   

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Re: Broadband Useage

If you look through th eforum you will see many others have experienced unexplained high usage. I exceeded my 40GB limit one month, but after complaining to BT my usage has gone down, back to what it was previously. Coincidence??!!!

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