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Re: Broadband capping

Can you post the full stats.

Advanced settings> technical log> information

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Re: Broadband capping

HomeAdvanced settingsTechnical logInformationEvent logThis is a list of your BT Smart Hub settings and current statistics.
Product code:Smart Hub 2
Serial number:+091298+2032022260
Firmware version:v0.26.04.04227-BT
Firmware updated:Fri May 28 11:08:20 2021
Board version:R01
GUI version:1.74 12_11_2020
DSL uptime:0 days,05 Hours13 Mins39 Secs
Data rate:1.233 Mbps / 10 Mbps
Maximum data rate:1.233 Mbps / 11.795 Mbps
Full Fibre (FTTP) Mode:Off
Noise margin:6.7 / 8.3
Line attenuation:15.6 / 34.2
Signal attenuation:15.6 / 56.9
VLAN id:101
Upstream error control:Off
Downstream error control:Off
Data sent / received:63.1 MB Uploaded / 338.0 MB Downloaded
BT Wi-fi:Activated
2.4 GHz wireless network name:Outhill
2.4 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel11)
5 GHz wireless network name:Outhill
5 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel36)
Wireless security:WPA2 (Recommended)
Wireless mode:Mode 1

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Re: Broadband capping

Your connection time is only 5hrs is that due to manual reset or hub dropping internet connection?  As I said already you need a stable connection for about 10 days score G.INP Willbe activated by the DLM.  If connection keeps dropping then speed will not improve

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Re: Broadband capping

We had a power cut today. That is why  the uptime is so low

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