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Broadband connected - no internet!

I have had BT Broadband through a Homehub 2.0 for over a year and in the last few days have suddenly been having severe problems with my internet connection. The homehub (2.0) will claim it is connected to broadband with very good speeds but pages will refuse to load. This will happen in 5-20 minute outages followed by a similar amount of time working normally, followed by another outage, etc.


The outages, when they happen, effect all internet-based services running on my home network (web pages, chat programs, ftp, etc.). They also effect all connected devices (computers, Xbox, phone on the wireless) whether they are connected wireless or via ethernet cabling.


The home network will continue to function during the outages, allowing devices to talk to each other and the homehub's settings page to be reached.


The whole time the internet refuses to work the homehub will continue to say it is connected to broadband and has had no interruption in uptime. I have power cycled the hub numerous times as well as reset it to factory settings twice to no avail.


When running a traceroute to an arbitrary external IP address during the outages the trace will get as far as the homehub and hang there.


It seems to me like there's a problem with the homehub either (a) serving the broadband/internet connection out to the home network or (b) thinking it's connecting to broadband when it isn't, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to fix it.


Any advice? ADSL stats, below, for reference. The connection time is low because I just reset the hub, but during the outages it believes it's still connected to ADSL.


ADSL line status

Connection information

Line state


Connection time

0 days, 0:13:56


8,126 Kbps


440 Kbps


ADSL settings






ITU-T G.992.5

Latency type


Noise margin (Down/Up)

24.1 dB / 30.2 dB

Line attenuation (Down/Up)

12.5 dB / 5.8 dB

Output power (Down/Up)

0.0 dBm / 12.8 dBm

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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

Hi Lowellkm,


Welcome to the forum.


I can help with this.  It would be a good idea to run a speed test via and post your results here, this will give us a good look at how your connection is performing.  From the stats you have posted you are still getting a good sync speed, I wonder what your IP profile is set to?


Anyway drop me an email to, please include your BT account details and I will run some checks on your connection.




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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

I and a few other people are having this problem, and still after Bt replacing the hub for a new one the problem continues.

See previous post and check other peoples posts.

I'ts so frustating ive tried so many things to fix it 😞

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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

Looks like a Home Hub/Exchange problem. To start off with, your Home Hub is reporting that it is connected at 8126kbps downstream and 440kbps upstream which is VERY slow for your line attenuation. The graph I have next to me shows you should be getting at least 22 meg (You are on ADSL2+ because of the Modulation: ITU-T G.992.5) and maybe even the full speed. Do you have the microfilters set up correctly and if so, have you tryed to reset your router?


Good luck 🙂


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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

I've run the speedtester during a bout of the internet deciding to work and got that my profile downstream was 7000kb and actual tested downstream speed was about 6500kb or so. (Not exact because I accidently closed the window and can't re-run the test now - getting errors.)


Going to email you with more details Sean.

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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

I'm getting the same issue, but I'm not in an 0208 area....


BT in Bangalore told me I have spyware, hence why it's not working. Spyware on 3 seperate machines, each running different operating system, each running Symantec and Malware blocking software, 2 Iphones, a PS3 and a Wii. 


I ran a full scan anyway and as expected found nothing. In the hour it took me to scan 2 laptops, the connection came back again, I changed nothing. I was told that 'Spware is definitely the issue, is there anything else I can help you with?' 


Has anyone found a fix for these problems yet?

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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

Hi Campers.

This is getting even more of a common thing with bt.


Can i ask:

1. is everyone here on the new adsl2+ upto 20mb service

2. did you have reliable internet on the slightly older network upto 8mb service

My personal service has been rubbish since the day of bt changing me to adsl 2+ April 13-14th.


My i also say if anyone has only just changed to the adsl 2+ service,to leave it connected for at least 5 days solid without resetting it at all!


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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

Personally I'm still lumbered with the 2MB service as my Exchange allows nothing else, it's been installed for nearly a year now...

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Re: Broadband connected - no internet!

21cn adsl 2 was done at my exchange months ago  what a **bleep** up that was, its not inproved anything only made my broadband usless,  i dont know how bt get away with saleing this as a upgrade,  most of my m8s have the same problem, i get the same speed i was getting 3 yrs ago, no wonder the uk is last on the list for top speed world broadband, 

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