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Broadband connection delays

I raised a complaint with BT 2 weeks ago and have not had any satisfactory response. 

4 weeks without broadband. No explanation of timelines for a simple connection to a property that has had BT broadband for 10 years.

Spent 12+ hours on phone to BT mainly on 30+ minute holds in past 4 weeks.

I have spoken numerous times to 150 team. several promised call backs never happened.

I have spoken to Full fibre team, sales team, home move team, technical team, sales support team, connections team. Nobody seems to know what is going on

It is no surprise BT phone lines are so busy when each of these teams as well as Openreach does not seem to know what the other is doing.



I have been without Broadband connection for 4 weeks since moving into our new home.

I am told there is still a data error on my account and to wait another week before further update.

I requested a home move with BT in November 2020.

I was mis-sold fibre to the house without  explanation of what this involved.

I moved 5th March and was given May 15th as fibre installation in a house that had copper broadband already. This was cancelled and replaced with a standard broadband order.

I was told on 17th March that I had no line into my house visible.

An Openreach engineer called 25th March and found and activated the landline. I was told my broadband could be activated within 48 hours.

I was told on 30th March there was a data issue on my line and I would get an update on 6th April.

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Re: Broadband connection delays

have you checked your orders on MYBT and see is that is any help

can you enter your phone number and post results  remember delete number but leave exchange and cab

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Re: Broadband connection delays

Thanks but yes I have checked myBT.

It seems it is usually out of date and not updated.

My engineer visit on 25th March was never updated on myBT as confirmed and showed as provisional. I rang 150 and after 30 minute wait was told he was coming but the app had not been updated.

Following his visit on that date the app now shows engineer visit cancelled. Ir was not cancelled - it happened.

So I have found the myBT app as ***p as the rest of BT support.

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Re: Broadband connection delays

Sorry didnt understand the link.

Attached as requested:


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