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Broadband contract renewel

Not sure if this is the right section ..Please move it if it isn't..Thankyou


Renewed our Broadband / Phone contract on the 11th Jan 2021

We were offered Fibre + Halo 1 instead of our current Fibre 2

As no other offers were available we accepted and ordered.

Activation date was the 12th Jan 2021, this has now come and gone and our order is still 'Pending'

On checking the order page was greeted by the following:



We're sorry your phone line and broadband aren't working yet


We've got a specialist team working on it and we'll let you know as soon as we have more news. Thanks for your patience.


We're doing everything we can to keep your order on track, but as our engineers aren't entering homes during the social distancing restrictions this may affect when we can complete your order. In most cases, our engineers will still be able to do all the work they need to without visiting you at home - but if they do need to visit you, we'll arrange another appointment after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.



Is this a canned response as everything is still working as we are still under our previous contract.

Or an issue than needs addressing ?


Thankyou for any help

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Re: Broadband contract renewel

as long as you are still connected then just keep checking your order on MYBT

sounds like a standard response 

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Re: Broadband contract renewel

If nothing changes in a day or so is BTs 0800 800 150 the best number to contact them on or would it fall under the 0800 800 030 contracts number ?
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Re: Broadband contract renewel

Can be closed as solved..


The order stalled and would not progress through BT's system


BT Loyalty team cancelled it and have processed a new order..

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Re: Broadband contract renewel

Can I ask what prices do you pay for fibre and Halo1


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