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Broadband down, 4 (or 5) confirmed Exchange Problems in the past year, still continuing



Over the past year I've had 4, perhaps 5 separate instances (I'm losing count, unfortunately didn't keep a careful written note) of my broadband connection going down. On each occasion, after going through numerous helpline discussions, tests, resets, "it's your router sir" (when it's not, because I have 2, both show the same problem, both work fine on father-in-law's line), the Openreach Engineers have come out, and have found problems at the exchange.


Latest started ~20th June. Engineer eventually identified a faulty card in the exchange, and we got BB back again last night (2nd July).


This morning we awake to find that the router is going through cycles of connecting and loss of connection - broadband light blue, then off, then flashing orange, then solid orange, then blue - time after time.


I'm at work, wife at home, trying to get sense out of the helpline. Once again she's being asked to go through the same resets and tests. This time the helpline person had the cheek to tell her that an engineer would come out and we'd be charged for it.


I think we've been uber-patient, polite and have tried to deal with the problem in a civilised way. But I'm getting the feeling that the only way of solving problems (without at least having to fight for weeks at a time) is to change attitude, and get beligirent.


I really hope that's not the case, but I'm now at the stage where I will simply refuse to call the overseas call centre, and will cancel my BT contract if I can't get anywhere.


If anyone has suggestions, I'd be really grateful for them!





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Re: Broadband down, 4 (or 5) confirmed Exchange Problems in the past year, still continuing

if your router is basically back to where it was with no connection then contact the mods for help 

contact mods

can take up to 3 working days for mods to contact you

I would make sure you try the test socket before you contact the mods just to be certain thaat there is nothing in your home causing a problem

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