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Broadband drop


It is strange, my by hub drops the internet but the blue light stays on but my WiFi extender in the other room has a strong internet broadcast... When the hub drops out my tablet automatically goes and logs on with the extender... Can someone tell me how this can happen and what is actually happening...Cheers

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Re: Broadband drop

You need to establish if it is actually your broadband connection that is dropping out or just the hub's wireless connection.

If it is the broadband, nothing will be able to surf the Internet, even devices that are connected by Ethernet.

If it is just the hub's wireless that is dropping out, your wireless device will drop the the connection but any Ethernet connected device will still be able to surf the Internet.

If it is only the hubs wireless connection that is dropping and your wifi extender is connected via Ethernet and your powerlines it will still be getting a broadband/Internet connection and the wifi extender will still be able to broadcast that signal by wifi so any nearby devices will still be able to connect to that signal and still surf the Internet.

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