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Broadband extenders

I have BT broadband using a BT Home Hub 4 - Type B.  This gives me WiFi in much of the house, but not all of it, so I would like to buy some kit that will extend the WiFi to the rest of the house, and perhaps even the garden.  What should I buy?  I only need WiFi for my laptop, not for any other use.  I would like something that I don't have to plug the laptop into - ie genuine WiFi, not hard-wired.  Grateful for any help you can give me.

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Re: Broadband extenders

You could consider using BT Complete WiFi. 

Presumably, as a Home Hub 4 user, you are subscribed to a good broadband speed.

Complete WiFi gives a a relatively simple broadband extension for everyday use, not always successful for advanced handheld/mobile devices which are constantly being used “on the move” in the home on WiFi . This will involve provision of one black extension disk which is connected wirelessly. Disc must be placed carefully.

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Re: Broadband extenders

Thanks! I was wondering whether one of the devices that you plug into an electric socket might work too. But the info on the BT Shop website isn’t clear as to whether they provide WiFi or whether you have to physically connect your laptop to the device. No one at the BT Shop knows either!

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Re: Broadband extenders

The hotspot 600 powerline adaptors provide 2 Ethernet sockets and Wifi.

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Re: Broadband extenders

For advice contact the BT Helpdesk on however for you you have a few options :
a) BT Whole Home Wi-Fi (£171.98) for 3 discs
b) BT 11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi Extender 1200 (£49.99)
c) BT Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multi Kit (£89.98)
d) BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi - Three Discs ( On offer at £74.98)
As a low user I would go for option "D" or "B"
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Re: Broadband extenders

Or my option

e) BT Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 kit (not multi) (£49.99)

Option (b) is a very poor choice in my opinion, it will always be a compromise.

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Re: Broadband extenders

When you are looking to "WiFi to the rest of the house, and perhaps even the garden." then (b) depends on the home and the environment, also where the HUB is located , also powerline technology is old and the products are not being replaced, you could have problems if your home wiring is old. with deal on Whole Home Mini ( 3 disc) you should get good coverage across the home and have the option to extend with more discs.
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Re: Broadband extenders

Thanks everyone, that’s been really helpful.

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Re: Broadband extenders

Sorry folks, I have a follow-up question: does anyone know the length of the ethernet cable supplied with the BT Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Kit, please?



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Re: Broadband extenders

No, but I imagine it will be quite short, doubt if it would be longer than 1 Metre.

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