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Broadband infinity connection dropping

Hi , I wonder if anyone can help. I've been with bt with fibre for about two years with no problems. However as from the 24/07/2017 I am losing connection at least once a day. Only for a minute at a time but as I work from home it's long enough for me to lose connection from my work server. I raised a complaint and an engineer visited the property last Friday . He found a fault with a wire and said this was causing the problem. The wire was fixed, however this has not resolved the problem, but now I've been told that bt will onky consider I gave a connection problem if I lose connection 5+ times a day, so they no longer consider me having a problem. I would understand if my connection had always been like this but if there has been a change in my connectivity surely something must have changed. Any ideas as to what could have happened? The phone line is clear with no crackle. Thank you

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Re: Broadband infinity connection dropping

Hi @Meersy36,


Welcome to the community forum. 


If your connection is only dropping once a day, it could be very hard to trace the cause of that drop. Does the drop out happen around the same time each day? 


Could you post your router stats as shown - Broadband - Top Tips to get help on the forum





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