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Broadband internet problems

For the past two days I have had trouble with my BT Broadband connection. The internet keeps dropping out, the internet light goes out on the router (the wireless and broadband lights stay on) and I have to unplug the router and restart the computer to get it working again although that does not always work

I have spoken to customer services three times and each time it's been a different person who goes over the same old ground and who keeps insisting it is the wireless connection at fault when it isn't. To me, admittedly a non-expert, it looks like a problem with the router or with something outside the house.

I understand there's been a problem with the internet, as an automated message on the helpline said so, but, according to the status when I looked it up on the BT Broadband status page it's now resolved - yet I am still getting drop outs. However, the bloke in the call centre insisted that BT did not, and does not, have a problem. The phone line has also been checked (three times now!) and is ok.


So what is going on here? A BT problem? Problem with the router?


Many thanks

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Re: Broadband internet problems

same problem (start 1 week ago). my HHv2 keep rebooting all day!


the problem start when i receive 8.1.H.J (Type A) update.


BT we need a solution as soon as possible. 

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Re: Broadband internet problems

Can you clarify which light is going out on the hub. As far as I am aware there is no light marked internet.










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Re: Broadband internet problems

Being as you have said it worked before the update have you tried pressing the little red hidden button marked Reset to Defaults (You'll need a pin or something similar). It's on the side and you only need to press it for a couple of seconds. All the hub lights go off and then they will come back on. That resets the hub to the factory default settings and any Hub changes you've made will also reset. It also removes the update. If this works and you don't use the internet a night (after 11ish) you could always turn the Hub off and therefore it won't receive the update. Bear in mind that if you have BT Vision this won't work while the Hub is switched off.

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Re: Broadband internet problems

mmmm   not sure turning the hub off at night is a good idea, not if he wants to maintain his IP profile.

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Re: Broadband internet problems

Once a day powerdown should not be a problem with theIP profile. Also - the automatic updates are done at night - so it might give a little control over that remote process too.

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Re: Broadband internet problems

Redflake - there IS a light marked internet, second light from the right as you look at it, and this is the one that goes off. The router is the white BTHomeHub.
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Re: Broadband internet problems

Hi FJordan


Yup this sounds annoying.  Not sure whats been tried so far but could you have a look through the tests in the following link for me.  I know it mentions how to fix slow speeds but by moving into the test socket and using an ethernet for your connection we can narrow things down a bit.  Really its steps 3 & 4 that are important.  If the broadband works ok in ethernet then its most likely a wireless issue, if its ok in the test socket it points to a socket problem. 


also worth a look here too


But by the sounds of things this has been tried.  It could just be an old hub I suppose.  I doyou have another router to test the theory?


Drop me a reply with how you get on and I'll take things from there but I should be able to get things sorted out.






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Re: Broadband internet problems

Hi Craig, I have tried most things.


The socket is not one of the newer types with the upper and lower covers on it, it's an older one. A line check was ok, indicating no faults on the line itself. And I can't see any broken or loose wires leading to the socket.


However, as my desktop is a bit too far from the router for the ethernet cable to reach, I decided to try taking a laptop to the router and plugged it in using that cable. I have no idea if it was co-incidence or not, but the net, which hadn't been working all day came back on when I plugged the cable in and switched on the laptop.

The laptop promptly died(!) five minutes later - but as it has been on its way out for a while now, dodgy power supply, that didn't surprise me.


Would the use of the ethernet cable be the reason why the net began to work again? Also, while my wireless has been pretty weak for a long time the net connection has never been lost like this. Today it had been up and down - mostly down - most of the day.

My wireless speed is 18Mbps to 24 Mbps most of the time, while with the cable it is 100Mbps.


Also, is there a chance any of this:,2470 got anything to do with it?


When I phoned customer services yesterday, they denied all knowledge of a problem with BT.


Final question (sorry about all the questions): if I bought a third party router (I can't really afford £90 for a new home hub) would it work with BT Broadband? I am not a techie at all, just a lay person.



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Re: Broadband Internet problems

Hi FJordan.


Yes your right there is a light marked Internet on the V1 Hub.

Seems strange to have a light marked Internet and one marked broadband. Can someone confirm what the Internet light indicates, does it indicate when the hub as connected with the exchange, only I thought that was what the broadband light indicated.

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