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Broadband keeps dropping (FTTP)


I became a BT customer last Thursday. The installers came to put in a fibre line and connected me up, that night/ next day the connection was up and down like a yoyo.

that weekend was great! I am connected at 1000MBs up and down (annoying they don't let you use all of it yet and want to make more money from it, as they only let you use 110MBs up) it was great all over the weekend until Sunday night, and Monday. I then got 3 dissections. so I contacted BT to ask if this was still normal, they put it down as a problem and told me it would be fixed by Thursday. 

Thursday came and I got one call from someone I didn't know (but I was busy anyway) turns out to be BT tech, they close my ticket even without talking to me and send me a text saying.

my internet connection keeps disconnecting due to the wifi on the router being switched off and that I have a network switch. BT doesn't support this. so after work, I phone up and ask what is going on!? they told me that the doc they read says if a customer has a network switch it is this that makes the internet connection drop. 'it overloads the router, and the fact you have no wifi on puts more strain on the router' i know this isn't correct. so I said so you are telling me that all over ISP's everywhere can let users have any network setup but BT can not let anyone use any other networking devices on there routers cos it takes the internet down? 'yes' my replay to that was fine I will leave BT, to which she said okay would you like me to put you through to disconnections? i said yes, so i get put though and the guy then puts me back to tec. speak to a nice lady and who is going to get bt to call me back as i have gone back to using virgin to make sure its not my network, looks like in the night the BT switch that has one laptop on wifi now connected to it has disconnected. and the virgin connection that has the rest of my network on has had no problems at all...


is this crazy thing from BT correct??? 



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