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Broadband keeps randomly cutting out and coming back on


   My broadband connection keeps randomly cutting out and coming back on. I'm a new BT Broadband customer as of Friday. I'm aware that BT advise you that it can take up to 10 days for your broadband to work at it's best, however I was having the same problem last week with my previous Internet provider (AOL). I contacted the help desk but all they said was the scripted 10 days speech. I just want someone from BT to say yes there is a problem with it as I had the same thing last week or no, there's nothing to worry about it's just the norm because of the migration from AOL.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Broadband keeps randomly cutting out and coming back on

the router will reset during the 10 day training period but I would not expect it to be continually dropping conenction on a daily basis


have you conencted the route direct to the test socket with a new filter?


Bt are reluctant to do anything to help until the training period has expired

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