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Re: Broadband off for days.

Hi Sean,
Are you able to comment on this ongoing issue?
Information has been 'seriously lacking' and the call centre's haven't got a clue.
Alas I too asked about compensation as both my broadband and vision were affected from Friday when the outage occurred through until later on Monday evening after a rather long winded call into the helpdesk 😞 I was kinda read what sounded like a script 😞
Im none the less wiser on this,
Is there anyone that can contact me or help me on this outstanding issue please?

Kind Regards
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Re: Broadband off for days.



A few of you seem to be following my tale of woe so heres the latest.


In brief I got nowhere with the "Engineer" in India I spoke to..he said it may be at your end I need to send someone round...after giving up best part of an hour of my life being told no engineer apart from work appointments for them next weekend either....and not to mention the fault is NOT AT MY END! I know this it's been on once since the "BLACKOUT" started last weekend.... tonight however very late on my broadband came back on for a little while only to go off again within an hour....and is firmly off this morning!


And doing a in that brief normaly thinks I'm in Edinburgh...for some reason I think it thought I was in Aberdeen....not that I'm in Edinburgh anway but I guess thats the main point I connect through.


So whats that all about...was I breifly rerouted away from whatever problem there is in Edinbrurgh?.......I dont know enough about the technical side to explain this......HOWEVER I do know that if it was on for an hour and working at decent speeds ITS NOT AT MY END!!!


The kind moderator seems to have taken pitty on my plight and offered to help....I will keep folks updated on how this pans out....fingers crossed.


Oh the humanity. Man Sad

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Re: Broadband off for days.

Hi Guys,


Another fellow sufferer here. I also started my own angry thread about this, with a very detailed report of my experiences since Friday Oct 29th (Black Broadband Friday?). It's here:




Oct 29: Apocalyptic Meltdown, no Internet light on my router

Oct 30: I get all router lights back but service is extremely intermittant, and basically unusable. Works fine for 2 minutes, then nothing for 10 minutes, repeat. This persists for the next 7 days.




Nov 7th: Happy days! My service comes back, and more or less works. I start to believe they fixed everything

Nov 8th: Same

Nov 9th: Kaboom! Broken again. Back to intermittent and unusable.

Today: I am giving them till I get home from work, otherwise I am going for breach of contract etc, and definately changing provider even if they are still leasing BT hardware.


I pay £24 per month for this. Way over the odds, and up till now It has been pretty good. 12 days with no service is not acceptable though.

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Re: Broadband off for days.

Youve hit the nail on the head there havent you.


I also pay WAY over the cost of broadband with almost everyone else for BT option3....why? Because I dont want to have a bad connection/low speeds/high ping/service drop outs/ BAD and/or USELESS customer service.


My broadband is STILL OFF whats that 2weeks plus now?......and without the forum mods here stepping I wouldnt even be able to get it looked at in any reasonable time frame.....


As a comedy gesture BT sent me a bill yesterday chargeing me (a lot more than I would pay for broadband with anyone else) in advance for next months generated bill? yes but still.....ironic hardly covers it.

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Re: Broadband off for days.

I have lost my service since Tuesday and I am becoming increasingly angry at the lack of information coming out of BT. They are hiding something. 


I have been paying for Option 3 for years and I expect more from them than this. When you are paying for a budget service you don't mind a certain amount of disinterest, but any BT BB customer is paying top-dollar and the lack of communication is utterly abismal. It is clear that there is a serious problem out there and an e-mail explaining the problem with an ETA for a solution is the very least I would expect.


The helpdesk is a waste of time. I know that it is a BT network failure and I know that BT know it but they aren't saying. Robot Mad

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Re: Broadband off for days.

My broadband is still off since last week as well. BT were absolutely no help, I was told to test my equipment then email back which I did. This was several days ago and still no response. They wouldnt even admit they had a fault, just the usual check your equipment email. When will BT actually do anything about it, this is costing me a fortune using a PAYG mobile broadband service. The only good thing is it is actually quicker than my normal BT connection!!!!!


I only use BT because I thought any faults would be fixed promptly, but thats obviously not the case. It takes them forever to answer the phones and an eternity to answer emails. I'm paying way above what other companies charge for the same broadband so I can't see the point of using BT anymore. I was hoping to get the new infinity broadband but don't think I'll bother with BT again.

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Re: Broadband off for days.

Weird things going on with mine...I had BB all long as I dont turn the router if I do it dostn reconnect.


I have an engineer due this morning so I turned off the power this morning and sure enough back to the orange flashing light with no sign of BB.


I will post if any light is thrown on this mystery. I would love to know whats going on.

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Re: Broadband off for days.

A major road on the outskirts of Edinburgh is due to be closed on November 21st to allow BT to carry out "necessary work".Smiley Wink


I too have suffered from the loss of service and BT Vision has not worked properly since the first outage.


Oh happy days !!!Smiley Mad

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