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Broadband problem, advice please !

We currently use O2 as our broadband supplier, but will probably be switching to BT Infinity soon.

For the past month we have had a broadband issue that has been bouncing between O2 and BT and is still not resolved.  Put simply, our connection is VERY unreliable; often drops; and the speed varies from a few K up to 3Mb per second.


We have one phone socket in the house, the master socket.

We have tried 3 different modem/routers;  3 different sets of cables and 6 different microfilters.

The problem appears to be that because the issues come and go, O2 and BT cannot agree as to whether or not there is a fault on our line.  I guess it depends on how it's behaving when they check; but because of this, O2 seem unable to escalate it to BT; and when they ask BT to run further tests they say everything is fine.


I don't know if this information will maybe help someone knowledgeable help us narrow down the issue; but one thing we have noticed is that if you listen in on the telephone when you switch the modem/router on you can actually hear the data transfer - beeps when it's connecting and some static while it is connected.  The volume at which you can hear the internet traffic varies and does seem to be directly related to broadband reliability and  performance - the louder and clearer you can hear the traffic, the slower and less reliable the connection is; and vice-versa.


Having changed all the internal hardware and cabling being used several times I can only assume that the problem is either (a) our telephone socket itself; or (b) somewhere in the BT network.

I'm reluctant to push this further by contacting BT directly myself as I'm concerned how much this could end up costing me if the problem turns out to be with our telephone socket; but after months of very unreliable broadband I'm ready to take any advice anyone is able to offer as to how best to resolve the problem.



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Re: Broadband problem, advice please !

Your in the right place for help.


Please post in a reply your line stats from the homehub/router & a speedtest from ...



After we get that details we can help you further.


Also if you read over my post in this link ...


You may also find useful.






Kindest Regards



BT Community Helper

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Re: Broadband problem, advice please !


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately I'm unable to get the speedchecker to do anything but give me an Error every time I try it (tried different browsers, security settings, etc).


But here's a recent set of stats from our O2 router:



Modemstate                   :  Up
xDSL Type                    :  ADSL
xDSL Standard                :  ITU-T G.992.1
xDSL Annex                   :  Annex A
Channel Mode                 :  Interleaved
Uptime (days hh:mm:ss)       :  0 days, 1:16:59
Number of resets             :  2
Total Available Bandwidth           Cells/s           kbit/s
  Downstream                 :      8080             3426
  Upstream                   :      1469              623
Bearer Generic Info               Downstream        Upstream
Margin       (dB)            :        16.0             15.0
Attenuation  (dB)            :        47.0             29.5
OutputPower  (dBm)           :        19.5             12.0
Vendor Chipset                      Local            Remote
  Country                    :      B500             B500
  Vendor                     :      BDCM             BDCM
  VendorSpecific             :      0000             918F
  StandardRevisionNr         :        00               63
Vendor System
  Country                    :      0F00             0000
  Vendor                     :      TMMB             ----
  VendorSpecific             :      3C61             0000
  StandardRevisionNr         :        00               00
Transfer statistics
      Received FEC           :     17260
      Received CRC           :       416
      Received HEC           :       386
      Transmitted FEC        :         1
      Transmitted CRC        :         1
      Tranmsitted HEC        :         0
     Near end failures since reset
      Loss of frame          :         5 failures
      Loss of signal         :        21 failures
      Loss of power          :         0 failures
      Errored seconds        :        12 seconds
     Near end failures last 15 minutes
      Loss of frame          :         0 seconds
      Loss of signal         :         1 seconds
      Loss of power          :         0 seconds
      Errored seconds        :         5 seconds
     Near end failures current day
      Errored seconds        :        12 seconds
     Near end failures previous day
      Errored seconds        :         0 seconds
Ironically, since posting the broadband connection has been quite stable and fast (about 2.8Mbps); but from past experience that can and probably will change.
Not sure if any of that, or the description of the problem in the first post helps narrow down what the problem could be; but if it does I'd really appreciate some pointers ! Thanks again. Man Happy



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Broadband problem, advice please !

from your stats you are on adslmax up to 8mb.  your noise margin is high at 16 as normal about 6 and this is probably due to all the changes you have been trying to improve your connection.


Probably just staying connected 24/7 with no resets will be enough for your connection to improve by reducing the noise margin and increasing your speed.


there is nothing the forum mods can do to help as you are not a BT broadband customer

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Re: Broadband problem, advice please !

OK, thanks for the reply.  I'm going to try leaving it on for a few days and see if it settles down again.


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Re: Broadband problem, advice please !

ultimately its your ISP who is responsible for your broadband input as you pay them for it not BT.


You will be bounced from one to the other as neither wants to accept responsibility all they want is your money.


changing ISP may not resolve youe prob. if your BT copper wire is degraded.






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Re: Broadband problem, advice please !

May seem obvious but you do have adsl filters fitted and you have tried new ones if fitted as the dta you hear on the line fron your router may point to filters whichshould be  fitted to each socket where a phone or other device like sky box is connected



Have you tried a quiet line test Have you tried a quite line test
dial 17070 option 2 and listen - should hear nothing
best done with old type analogue phone digital will do but may have slight hiss

do not use home hub phone

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Re: Broadband problem, advice please !

Just to update this thread - I replaced the socket in our house and the problem went away. It was very old and obviously had developed a fault.
Hope that maybe helps anyone else reading this with similar symptoms.

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