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Broadband randomly drops out every few hours...

Hi all


I'm having a major problem with my broadband (BT Infinity) from over the last week and I've tried everything I myself can possibly do. My broadband randomly drops every few hours or so and the light on the hub (HH3) goes a steady orange. My phone during this time also has a crackling static in the background (as if someone is rustling a crisp packet). Now this has happened before where it goes orange and needs to be factory reset but it has only ever done it say... 3 times since i've been with bt (which has been about 8 years now) but this time factory reset has done nothing. Power-cycling has done... nothing. Interference checks has also come up with zero problems.


   So i thought maybe it's a temporary thing and there's a problem somewhere whether that be because of weather or work on the exchange. But as far as i know I'm the only person having this problem as a lot of people i know live quite close and also have the same broadband as me but they have no issues.


  I have also called up support (Which is the biggest nightmare on the planet and to say the least not very helpful at all.) they done line checks (As I had too) but there was nothing wrong. They tried to explain about picking a different wireless channel and I tried to explain to them that wireless was the issue it was that I had NO internet which then I was genuinely asked to go online twice after saying this. 


  And so it left me to try and figure out what the problem was on my own.. And as far as I can tell removing the phone does not solve this. putting it in the test socket behind the plate does not solve this. I have discovered however that when the internet is up and the light is blue there is no crackle to my phone but when it is down there is. 


  There was also a mention of an engineer visit which I have put off to see if it either gets better or I can pin-point the problem and fix it myself but I think it might come down to that so I have one last question. What problems would I have to pay for the engineer to fix as I just know with my luck it will turn out to be my fault even though I have done nothing to the line and nothing has changed from it being perfectly fine to a talk-talk connection (Oh the horror!).


I'm sorry it was quite long but I'm trying to get as much in before it cuts off again sadly.


Thanks if you got this far and any answers are really appreciated.


Tl;dr ?


Connection drops. Tried everything. Solutions?

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Re: Broadband randomly drops out every few hours...

Sounds like a really bad connection issue.  Try plugging a normal wired phone and running a quiet line test: Dial 17070, press option 2 (quiet line test).  If there is any significant noise, ring your landline provider; NOT your broadband provider.  If they are both BT, ring the landline help number, not the broadband help.


It looks as if the line checker may be a good starting point:

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Re: Broadband randomly drops out every few hours...

I tried a quiet line test and I still get that annoying crackling sound just as if I had not bothered to ring that number. It's a new phone so it can't be that as I bought a new phone because of the crackling. I also tried the line checker and it detected no problems. Fault report detected nothing either which means I don't know what to do from here. Definitely not ringing tech support again because there's a translation gap that is just impossible to deal with... I've saw a few posts about line resets is it? Would that possibly have any effect?
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Re: Broadband randomly drops out every few hours...


You stated that you have tried the quiet line test and that you are still getting that crackling sound,if that is the case you definately have a noisy line,and need to get that fixed by ringing the landline suppliers.

If you do not do that then your phone and BB will not operate properly.

That quiet line test,does not cure any faults,it just checks for them,if you hear no noise then fine.

The fact that you have a new phone just proves it is the line that is noisy,not the phone.



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