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Broadband slow and regularly drops out

Hi All,

I am having a nightmare with Broadband speed and dropout at the moment. I have been with BT for years on a basic package (Up to 17Mb) broadband. It has served well and didn't see the need to upgrade to Infinity until now.

I recently moved to a property and simply connected my equipment that include a BT Hub 4 and a micro filter. Since broadband service went live in my property connectivity has been poor and currently getting download speeds no more than 0.6 Mb and upload speeds of around 0.4 Mb. I have been in touch with BT several times who have carried out tests that have not detected any problems on the line. I have now installed a Hub 6 thinking that the previous hub may be faulty. This has had no impact at all on the broadband speed and connectivity issues.

I have requested for BT to send an engineer to investigate which was met with the usual £129.99 to be invoiced if it is my faulty. The main socket has the face plate missing such that I am using the port for testing alongside a micro filter.

My concerns are:

1. Is it normal to be getting the above mentioned speeds? If not, what sort of speeds should I be getting?

2. Would the missing master socket face plate be seen as my fault there by attracting the £129.99?

3. I have 3 days (within inital 14 days) to cancel my new contract. If I cancel the contract and move to a different provider, would this attract cancellation charges since I moved house whilst I was still under contract?

4. Another option would be to upgrade to Infinity Fibre and request for an engineer to install. Would this avoid the 129.99 engineer call out charge?

5. Apart from the above, is there anything that I can do to increase the broadband speed.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Re: Broadband slow and regularly drops out

if you are using the hh6 then post stats - advanced settings then technical log information

enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number

as you are using the test socket (faceplate missing) then check that there is no dial tone at any extension socket whether in use or not


if you were in contract when you moved then very least would be cancellation fees for remainder of that contract

there is no engineer install when moving to fibre now as it is just plug and play in same socket as you currently use

if you are concerned about missing amaster faceplate simplest method is just to buy one and fit it yourself

try quiet line test  connect phone to filter in test socket and dial 17070 option 2 should be quiet and best with corded phone

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