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Re: Broadband slowed down a couple of weeks ago

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This post is exactly what I am experiencing at present.

After a couple of days it all goes slow, reported to BT several times and done all the usual things, but still the same.

I am only ADSL2, so normally I get 9Mbs, but it dies and slows to 1Mb (if I'm lucky)

I also reset my hub several times a week, as this is the only thing which brings my speed back up to what I expect, but interested to read about NOT resetting it, I will give that a try if frustration does not get the better of me.

I am interested in what was actually done to resolve this issue, as it sounds exactly what I need to do.

Just one point, it was said that the front faceplate was removed and the "test" socket was used. How does one connect the hub to this test socket as the one inside is just a standard phone connector but the hub requires a RJ11, or am I missing something.

Any help would be appreciated, as BT broadband support, just ask me to do the same thing again and again, and I now just reset it as it's my only solution at present.


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