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Broadband slower than guaranteed speed (and broadband test broken)

Normal available speeds
Your normal available download speed will be between 44-50 Mbps
Your normal available upload speed will be between 8-9 Mbps
Minimum guaranteed download speed
Your minimum guaranteed download speed will be 39 Mbps
Actual Speeds
Downstream sync speed:

16.50 Mbps

 Upstream sync speed:

10.00 Mbps

Actions taken

I ran the broadband speed checker on the bt website and it found a fault. 7 days later the fault was closed with no resolution so I ran it again.  The fault checker now doesn't complete. It gets to 99% and stops there so I can't raise a new fault.  Sometimes it tells me my speed is 11.6MB and that it is good! and it won't let me raise a new fault.

The online chat doesn't go anywhere, the phone lines are too busy to call and the raise a complaint email link is also broken.  It looks like BT are doing there best to stop people raising faults and lowering the standards of what is a fault without telling anyone.



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