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Broadband speed almost equals ZERO Mbs

Dear BT

It seems you can not keep up to your promisses.  Your Broadband speed kills me with the speed you provide to my house.

I do pay you monthly for very poor service and I do expect you to reimburse my money back to me.


Yours sincerely

Zbigniew Klimczuk

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Re: Broadband speed almost equals ZERO Mbs

Hi there @Ziggy2 and welcome to the BT Residential Forums. 🙂


Please note that your questions are primarily answered by other BT customers. The only employees on our community are the forum moderators and a few subject matter experts. We can easily be identified by our title underneath our username. The replies you will receive are from customers who's only intention is to help, so while we appreciate you have likely come to the forum because something has gone wrong and you are probably very annoyed, please don't take this out on members trying to help.


Also note that only BT Employees are forum moderators here. While they are the only moderators here, your posts don't go to BT directly and not every message is read, neither is the forums a quick route to reach Openreach for the reasons above: everyone else on these forums are customers just trying to assist, but to assist, we need some information to be posted:


     1) Can you post the adsl stats from your router? Depending on the router, you may need to 'show detail' to get all the necessary stats (if HH4/5 then go to troubleshooting then logs and you are looking for 2 line together when hub last connected to internet and they will show your connection speed and noise margin: also go to troubleshooting -> helpdesk and post lines 1-12. If netgear enter

     2) Run  btspeedtester (MAC users may have problems). Once the first test completes, run the Further Diagnostics test and post the results (do not reset the router): the Further Diagnostics test will provide you with your connection's IP profile, which controls the throughput that you receive.

     3) Can you go to the following link and post results here? Please delete number when posting the results: This allows members to see the broadband packages available to you and whether your speeds are not within your estimates.

     4) Are you connected directly via a filter to the NTE5 master or test socket or to somewhere else? Is the master the only phone socket in your home?

     5) Have you tried the quiet line test? If not, please dial 17070 and select option 2: you should hear nothing. The test is best done with a corded phone: cordless phones may hear a 'dull hum', which is normal


Once this information is posted, a user might be able to offer help or assistance to resolve the problem.

The test socket looks like this on most master sockets:




test socket.jpg

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Re: Broadband speed almost equals ZERO Mbs



I must correct you there.


The title under the name does not imply anyone other than the Mods are BT employees.

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