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Broadband speed updates


I'm new to BT having previously been with Virgin ((even before they were Virgin) for many years. During this time I received many upgrades in speed usually free of charge. Since moving house I'm now in "non virgin" teritory so decided to try BT mainly due to their advertising and a couple of recomendations. I opted for the Infinity as it quoted speeds upto 50mbps and would upgrade to Infinity2 if needed too.However speed tests show  I can only acheive speeds of just under 25mbps in my area which is a lot less than I've been use to. Also with Virgin I can check on-line to see what they have planned for future updates plus thhey kept me upto date with planed increases to. Trust me Virgin are far from perfect but overall their service and prices with freebies was well worth sticking with them.

So my question is do BT have any site or forum they monitor I can check to see if they hhave any planned updates?

BTW their advert with the helicopter is total **bleep** as I lose connection as soon as I step foot into my garden!


Sorry if a little long winded first post 😞

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Re: Broadband speed updates

Any future speed updates are entirely up to Openreach.  The part of BT that you deal with has no say in the matter - they are just the retailers.


In practice, don't expect any updates any time soon.  Openreach have spent a fortune rolling out fibre-to-the-cabinet using VDSL.  The speed of that is limited by the line between your home and the cabinet.  A better technology may come along, but it could take years for Openreach to roll it out across the country.  It's not just a matter of upgrading a central service or flipping a switch somewhere.


As for the "most powerful WiFi" thing - that's just marketing fluff.  There are regulations limiting the transmit power of WiFi devices in the UK.  The new Smart Hub has to meet them, just like every previous Home Hub - or any other UK-legal WiFi routers.

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