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Broadband speed via BT wholesale speed system

Over past months had problem with broadband speed dropping from 35+ down to 4...eek. Had three visits from Openreach engineers who found that input cable from external manhole to house was severed. This was repaired and eventually speed back to 35+....yippeee. However.....on checking speed on BT system I get very odd answers. Whilst max line speed is shown as 37mbps the BT speed system sometimes shows an "overspeed" answer. this morning my speed showed at 36 on the "Which" speed system whilst the BT system showed a speed of 141mbps - go figure.  Tried to get answer via BT chatline but to no avail. Does anyone out there know how I can actually get a contact address for the BT speed system techies.

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Re: Broadband speed via BT wholesale speed system

btspeedtester from other posts has been giving some strange results but it appeared that it was people using firefox so can you try chrome or edge/IE

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