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Broadband steady orange and 2accounts?


I think, I'll begin from the start. I'm not sure if I did or did not cancel my phone/line rental but that seems like the oblivious thing that happened. Last Friday my Internet stopped working so I gave a call to bt about the broadband and they told me that there is no bt phone/line on the profile so that is what the issue was but on Saturday/Sunday I ordered a phone/line rental from the "my services" and I used the "Line Rental Saver" waited three days(this is 3rd day)

and plugged in my router but the light is still steady orange... So I checked my bt and now I have different accounts 

a phone one(line rental) and the broadband one(option 3(the old one)) the light on the phone is orange, the light on the broadband is green. I called bt and they said they will call me back then they check what has happened because the phone numbers are different so what should I do?


-I did not receive a phone call back.

-My Internet is still not working(using friends).

-It has been 4days and I paid a lot of money for the rental.

-the light is steady blue but I can use my phone. 

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Re: Broadband steady orange and 2accounts?

try the online chat and see if they can clarify things for you

live chat

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