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Broadband takes hours/a day to reconnect when dropping

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Hi all


I've recently upgraded to FTTC business broadband. I was sceptical about this upgrade, being that our previous internet connection had a very slow speed of around 0.77mbs on Hub 3, due to being 3 miles from our cabinet. Despite this, it was mostly stable and if we reset the hub, it would reconnect within 10 minutes.


Upon upgrading and having an engineer visit to install the service and the HH5, the hub took approximately a day to establish a broadband connection. While frustrating, we assumed this was expected as the hub connects for the first time. Once a connection was established, speeds improved significantly, reaching about 2.5mbs. BT 'guaranteed' a minimum of 4.3mbs according to their line tests, but we knew this was unlikely given our distance from the cabinet.


Despite such a promising increase in speed, maintaining this connection has been a problem. Again, we thought it was normal for service to be unstable during the first 10 days, but this has lasted weeks. Looking at the event log, the Hub 5 has been known to reboot itself every day or two. Every time we lose connection, it takes between 5-24 hours for it to return. We've tried the basic solutions, such as a factory reset, leaving it be and switching with an alternative Hub 5, and no result. 


Hours of phone calls with BT have led to very little, multiple faults have been registered, around 5 engineers have visited. No line faults can be found as of yet, and a house further down the line manages to receive FTTC without any major issues. The internal wiring has also been checked by engineers who can't seem to find a problem either.


I've ordered a BT Openreach modem to see if that offers any solution, at least to try stabilise the connection. 


Any solutions?

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Re: Broadband takes hours/a day to reconnect when dropping

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Welcome to the BT Residential forum

As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at
as no one here can help you
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