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Broadband too slow in Hunsdon, SG12 8PD

I have made inquiries about the broadband connection available in Hunsdon, and performed some tests. BT staff have indicated over the phone that the maximum bandwidth expected at this address is 1.5 MB. The suggested speed indicated on websites like SamKnows is 1 MB. In tests performed at different times on different days, the average speed has been around only 0.5 MB! My own address in is approximately only 3 miles from the exchange in Much Hadham.
All things considered, I cannot understand why the bandwidth is so slow in Hunsdon. I am not referring to the slowest periods; rather, I am referring to the consistently inadequate service throughout this small town. Can somebody identify the causal issue(s) please?


  • Could a representative of BT please explain why the connection in Hunsdon, 3 miles from the exchange, is so slow (< 1.5MB)?
  • Could a representative of BT also please suggest a timeline for upgrading the exchange at Much Hadham? This does not necessarily need to involve BT Infinity. Something approaching the average broadband speed, via previous-generation technology, would be perfectly reasonable.
    In my opinion, such a poor connection is unacceptable today, in 2010 and beyond. For instance, a single-parent or disabled person would be unable to work from home in many situations with such a slow download speed. I call for for the bitrate ensured by universal service legislation to be reviewed and increased substantially, with regional targets. I think 2 MB is a reasonable expectation in an area like Hunsdon.
    Hunsdon is a vibrant, affluent village in the heart of the capital city's commuter belt and home counties. It is less than 30 miles from London. It is about a couple of miles from Harlow, a major urban centre with a fibre-optic cable infrastructure operated by Virgin. It is less than a couple of miles from Great Amwell, a larger parish which also has far superior internet speeds via both BT and Virgin.
    I would be most grateful for a response from somebody who is in a position to discuss the possibility of upgrading the exchange at Much Hadham to improve internet bandwidth Hunsdon.

Thank you. Smiley Happy

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Re: Broadband too slow in Hunsdon, SG12 8PD

3 miles is equivelant to almost 5km and that is not taking into account the lines physical length which could be much longer


the best you will acheive on a line that long is about 1.5mb anyway, and thats on ADSLMax (upto 8mb) & ADSL2+ (upto 20mb)


so even a 21CN upgarde on your exchange will not yeild any improvemnet over copper phonlines


you will have to wait till Infinity comes to your cabinet on your street to get any improvement


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Re: Broadband too slow in Hunsdon, SG12 8PD

I know it sucks, but thats your max. I too have the same problem, have done for 4 years. Only get 1.5 meg. (synced at 1500K profile) here is me.


Living 30 miles from London should have nothing to do with it, LOL


thats like saying Y is my Broadband not fast I live within 20 miles of Cheltnham...



A timescale for infinity, naturally the most built up areas and largest exhanges will be first.

I mean you are not on a very large exchange.

larger than the one I am at tho, so u will prob get infinity before this house does 🙂


i live in middel ok nowhere tho, you may well fair better! Im off to uni next year anyway I gave up on BB improvement here years ago!

I am no expert. Correct me when I am wrong. Learning is good!
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Re: Broadband too slow in Hunsdon, SG12 8PD

I suspect that many, if not the majority, of houses in the UK will be about this far from the exchange, if not much further. Perhaps it is normal for bandwidth to degrade to 1.5 MB at a distance of 3 miles from the exchange, but I would be surprised if this truly were the case! Hunsdon could hardly be any closer to the exchange. It's the next village along. The furthest part of Hunsdon is 4.60 km (2.85 miles) from the exchange in a straight line, and would be around 3 miles if the wire followed the main B road which is fairly straight. (I accept that the actual route may not be so straight, though I can find no reason for any major deviation along the obvious course.) Is old copper wire broadband really that bad? If so, the UK's core telecommunications infrastructure is woefully inconsistent and inadequate for the digital economy. In an average town, surely a substantial proportion of houses will be over a mile from the exchange wherever that is located.

Clearly, urgent action is required, by private enterprise in partnership with local and central government, including a review of current universal service legislation. This is a serious matter. The future for this country looks bleak. If the UK doesn't have a strong digital economy, ask yourself, what else does it have? No wonder the South East of England contributes so much to the economy, while the rest of the country falls behind depending on London and the surrounding counties. (Moving the BBC to Manchester will not solve the underlying issues.) This situation is unsustainable. An essential part of the UK economy is at risk of falling rapidly behind. My fear is that people won't appreciate the serious implications of lethargy in this sector until it is too late. The UK has no prospect of competing with rising powers like China and India in manufacturing industry. Now is the time to invest in the digital economy or, mark my words, we'll lose that too.

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