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Broadband usage analysis

The BT usage stats (total GB up/down) are all well and good, but I would like to see how much of my bandwidth is getting spent on various traffic types.


For example, basic surfing (HTTP/HTTPS), streaming, teleworking over VPN, etc.


I would expect that BT would have some sort of stats on the types of IP traffic I am sending (amount per TCP port, for example).


I want to get the total overall usage over my ADSL line, regarldess of which device is using it (we have a couple of laptops and other networked devices chatting through the router).


I am using my own Netgear router (not the BT Home Hub). It is still in its box because I didn't want the hassle of changing over when I jumped ship from my previous broadband provider (PlusNet) to BT.


Does anyone know whether BT can supply this information. My router does not capture those metrics, only the total # of bytes up/down.


Thanks in advance for any advice!


(By the way, I don't have

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Re: Broadband usage analysis

as far as I am aware BT do not supply that information - it has taken until beginning of October this year just to get BT to provide a usage monitor

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Re: Broadband usage analysis

Those types of web metrics are expensive to supply ....


I don't doubt BT are capable of supplying them ...


I do doubt anybody would pay for it ....   Smiley Surprised

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