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Broadband usage meter

I occasionally look at my broadband usage as I have a monthly allowance of 25 GB.  My average usage is well below that. Yesterday I looked and now see there is a circle, partly highlighted that says

"You've used 13.5GB of your 25 GB monthly allowance.  You have 30 days until your allowance restarts. Last updated 1 Jan 2017. Usage period 1 Jan - 31 Jan 2017"  When I clicked on to view the breakdown it showed I had used 17.96 GB up to end of Dec.  

Today, I am still getting the same message to say that I have used 13.5 GB up to 2 Jan.


When I look at the breakdown, it shows that I only used 0.11 GB yesterday.


What is this 13.5 GB message all about?

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Re: My BT, Broadband Usage Checker

I periodically use the broadband checker in the My BT section.  Usually by looking at the line that shows how much I have used in the current month and it is updated at 11.59 p.m. the previous day, but not actually updated for viewing until the following afternoon.  Today, 1 Jan. 2017, when I go onto this I am first shown a part circle that tells me I have used 13.5 GB of my 25 GB allowance and that it is for the current month.  When I carry on and see the usage as it has always been displayed, it says that I have used 17.96GB, which is for December.  That seems reasonable, but is it telling me that 13.5 GB have been used on the 1st day of January? Horrors!

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