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Broadband usage with YouView

Hi There


I upgraded a new contract last week and have a brand new YouView Box. On the whole its pretty good (apart from the buffering of recorded programmes if a channel doesn't follow what its publishing and you end up watching first minute or so of TV programme!!)


However, one thing I am concerned about is my broadband useage. Can someone confirm that any useage of Demand content with a youview box is taken from my broadband useage. If so, this is a massive change and one that no BT representative went through with me when on the phone when I was persuaded to change my BT Vision box to a You View box.


The old BT Vision box meant that on demand/catch up stuff was not included in your download figure. I get the impression looking at the stats after a week that anything that is downloaded to my youview box to watch (including On Demand and the 5 terrestrial catch up channels) is now part of my download useage.


If so I think this is a big issues of mis-selling and existing customers should be told, that if you are buying Youview then the terms of downloading to the box for broadband useage has changed.


Anyone care to advise. I may be wrong.... but for some reason don't think I am looking at my download useage stats.

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Re: Broadband usage with YouView

If you have BT broadband with Youview then it is all included. This has always been the case and remains the same. The BT advisor, without any prompting, also confirmed this over the phone when i placed my Youview order.
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