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Broadband username-non recognition

I have my e-mail from giving me my  BT Total Broadband username.  My hub and e-mail has been  connected and working for nearly two years.


However when I try to log in to MyBT or anything to do with my Broadfband package I simply get the message that nobody with my username is recognised, even though I am simply copying my username from the e-mail sent to me by BT.  That means I cannot get into any of the online help facilities, and when I ring the help number it is impossible to get anyone to reply.


Before I abandon BT altogether can anybody advise me how to deal with this problem and get in touch with a human being who might help to resolve it?



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Re: Broadband username-non recognition

Try Live Chat


Your user login for MyBT is not normally the same, its whatever you chose when you registered for MyBT.


This has to be done separately, its not automatic, as some people simply have their phone accounts on there, and not broadband.


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Re: Broadband username-non recognition

You have to register separately for MyBT; you can choose any username and password, but using the same as your main BT details means one less to remember.


When you click the MyBT tab at the top of this page, click "sign up" in the Log in box.


[Oops, left my computer for a while. Should have looked again before clicking Post.]

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