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Broadband very slow and phoneline crackly

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Hi everyone,

Since last week I have been experiencing some terribly annoying problems with my line. My broadband is rounding off at 128kbps whilst it used to be about 5mb in addition to this my phoneline has now gone crackly over the past fews days aswell. Naturally enough I have made several calls to the dreaded BT indian call centre with each advisor telling me different things. The guy I was speaking to today informed me It was a problem with my microfilter so I tried 3 different ones I had and no change. So I rang again and another guy told me its my Home Hub so now there sending me another (its definatley not my hub as I have 2 and tried both of them). The guys I spoke to at the very start when I was first experiencing the problem informed me it was a problem with my internal or external line and I would need an engineer visit which would cost me £130 if the fault is in my home! Could someone please advise me what the problem may actually be and if I can fix it myself as I really dont want to pay £130 for something which BT should be paying for.




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Re: Broadband very slow and phoneline crackly

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Hi you. Need to phone BT faults dial 151 and report a noisy line but do not mention broadband when the line noise is cured within a fewdays your broadband will improve automatically
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Re: Broadband very slow and phoneline crackly

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Do you have an NTE5 line box as your main socket, if so take off the front plate and try a known working phone, like I said known working phone, not the same phone you have plugged in now into the test socket at the back on the right hand side? If the line is still noisy then call 151, tell them you have checked with a known working phone into the NTE5 test socket but it is still noisy so can you have an Openreach engineer visit.


Now the problem with noisy lines is when the helpdesk test your line it will more than likely test OK, it is not the case there is no fault on the line but that the test system can’t find it. Therefore they will have to advise you of poss charges for sending an engineer, this is just a procedure the helpdesk have to do.