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Broadband working fine but phone isn't


I am looking for a little help/advice. My Broadband is working fine but my telephones have stopped working. They have a dial tone but when you try to dial out they dont register the number they are dialling and the line then goes dead.  The phones will accept incoming calls but there is clicking on the line and the call dies after a couple of minutes. The automated service says there is no fault on the line, which there isn't as my broadband is working fine. I have tried unplugging the handheld phones and plugging in an old phone but there is the same problem. I have plugged directly in to the test socket and still the same problem, I have tried with and without the ADSL filter but still the same problem, I can't even use the phone to divert the line to my mobile. Stangely enough this problem has only occurred since I renewed my phone contract with BT on Friday 1st August, the phone line was working fine up until then. I put in a call with BT on Saturday 2nd August but when their engineer asked me to unplug the broadband we lost mobile phone connection - we have no mobile service when we have no broadband - so we were snookered for the rest of the call/tests.  I dont know what to do now - does any one have any bright bideas. I dont think its my phones, they were brand new in February, besides the old phone doesn't work either which is my emergency phone for when the electric goes off - any help or advice gratefully received 


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Re: Broadband working fine but phone isn't

Hi PC212819,


Welcome to the community forum. I can help you with the fault on your line. Please send me in your details, using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I'll run a few tests on your line.





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