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For the last week or so, I have had problems with my broadband.

So called help line, they checked my line and said it was that, so I would get a call from level2 at a time next day.

This never happened.  So called help again, who said they had not completed checks right, so would get a call last Sunday 13th June, so waited and waited, still no call, so rand help line again, this time put on hold waiting to speak to someone on level 2, man answered about 30 mins later, and said he was sorry for my trouble LOL then said it would take 2 more days to check my line? but would ring me back after 30 mins.

Never got that call, now I am really mad, so ask to speak to customer service, after telling the man about my issue, he asked me to put phone down while he checked it himself.

This one will ring back and did, to tell me it is my hub, and would send me a new one to be delivered Wednesday, never came, he rang me to check, and told me he had rang and would be delivered by 8 pm next day. 

Of course that never turned up, when he rang to check yet again, it was returned to them? Would get another sent for Monday 22nd, a brand new hub 4, to which I replied I have hub 5, which had forgot to ask.

I have stayed with your **bleep** company for years, pay all my bills D/D. To be treated like this. I have phone and broadband, phone anytime day or night, and this is not the first time I have had this.

I am so mad.

My laptop is a vaio, so that starts me up, but after 30 mins everytime I need to use.

Please advice

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Re: Broadband

This is a customer help customer forum your post does not go to BT


Are you on adsl of fibre?

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Re: Broadband

You have not said what the problem you are having is? Can you please explain the problem.

It looks like you have fibre if you have a home hub 5?

Is your router plugged in to the BT master socket ADSL connection?

That customer service is truly awful. However I have received similar service and my replacement hub also never arrived, but eventually was resolved. Hopefully a moderator here will see your post and offer to help, but more details would help.
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