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Advice please!,  I am having an uphill task trying to tell BT that I am not in a 18 month contract for £18.00 pm, I need to leave, I do not want this hassle, pushing button after button on the phone, calling call centres that you struggle to understand, even getting the person to spell out their name takes ages, then put onto an English person who hangs up on you, argh!!.


Basically I signed up for BT Vision package, after various goes it was found not to have enough line speed, I have been told that it was not my fault, so as I agreed I was not getting the "package" I wanted, I could move onto another supplier.


I was paying £7.50 for a short while until it went up to £18.00, then I was not happy paying that much, previously on £6.50 with Plusnet, in May I spoke to a person at the call centre saying she didn't want me to leave, offering BB at £5.00 per month, she would ring back a week later, she didn't.

Now when I try to contact them they are offhand & keep saying that I am in an 18 month contract, what can I do for the best this is just terrible for a large British company to treat people this bad, any advice would be appreciated,

Daryl Sullivan.

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Re: Broadband

you should be able to cancel your contract but you will end up paying cancellation fees for ending your contract early.  BT should advise how much it will cost to move - won't be cheap if you have more than 12 months left

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