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Broken contract


I have a question - one person ordered BT internet (signed contract), but had to leave United Kingdom due to personal circumstances, so he send all the equipment back without even using it. But BT applied a fine. How long it will be applied on this person? Will this penalty be canceled in time? Will this person be able to visit Britain again or he will be stopped on the border and forced to pay this bill? 

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Re: Broken contract

That person would of had 14 days from the service starting to cancel, they would of had to contact BT directly to end the service, returning equipment does not end an agreement.

BT have now applied an early termination fee, which is a compensation payment for ending the contracted agreement early.
It will need paid yes and it won't be forgotton, It will not stop him/her returning to the UK.

If possible, ask the person to contact the billing team online, this way it won't incur an expensive phone call.

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