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Bt Home Hub connection issues

Since my BT Infinity installation some 18 months ago, I have had issues with the Internet connection to my PC.

Originally the connection between the hub and the PC was by Ethernet cable but although I was getting the advertised download speed (around 28 Mbps), my upload speed was a few paltry Kbps. The Ethernet cable was changed a couple of times and eventually I got a replacement hub from BT – all to no avail. A bit later on I started losing the Internet connection with the PC altogether – again I got a new Ethernet cable and changing to another outlet socket on the hub got things working again, but for a while only and I lost the connection again completely. I eventually got round the problem by connecting with a wireless dongle that finally gave me a reliable connection – both download and upload. About a month ago I changed my PC – and imagine my surprise when I found that I was still unable to use an Ethernet connection and continue having to use a wireless one.

Other information: the operating system on both my original and current PC’s  - Windows 7 x64; BT Home Hub - BT Hub5 (positioned next to PC); there is also an additional Ethernet cable from the hub to my TV setup downstairs – this has functioned correctly all the way along. My speeds today via Wifi are download 25 Mbps and upload 7 Mbps.

So everything’s been changed – cables (several times), hub and PC. Where do I go from here...?

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Re: Bt Home Hub connection issues

if you have a HH5 can you go to hub manager then trobleshooting then helpdesk and post 1-12




can you run btspeedtester and when first test completes then run diagnostic test and post results  must be done with wired connection  btspeedtester




can you enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number wholesale FTTC check




try quiet line test   dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone

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