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Bt Homehub and WDS

HI I have a Homehub on Software version 8.1.H.J (Type A) and want to extend the range of the wireless by using a Netgear DG834v5. I cannot see how i setup the Homehub to allow the Netgear to connect to it. 


I did tis before with an older BT router and it worked fine.


Any advice please?


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Re: Bt Homehub and WDS

Hi funkskunky and welcome


The HH2 cannot be connected to other routers via wifi, but they can by ethernet.


Have a read -

(and adapt the above to suit the netgear)




edit. @ imj, wow I beat you at last!!!!!!!!Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Bt Homehub and WDS

from what i remember you cannot connect the netgear wireless to the HH2


I need to think and type fasterSmiley Wink

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Re: Bt Homehub and WDS

I have another HH as a slave off my HH2 connected by powerline adaptors, depends what past of the house i am in depends which hub my PC connects to. But as said can not be connected via wireless as HH2 does not have WDS.

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Re: Bt Homehub and WDS

I've got this old Speedtouch 580 and I have been trying for the past 10 days (literally!) to use it as an access point to work wirelessly with Home Hub 3.0, but no joy so far. The intention is to get the ST580 communicate with BT Home Hub then get an ethernet cable from it to my bluray player.


Once I connect the ST580 with ethernet cable to BT HH3, ST580 comes to life and can feed my PC with internet; once its cable's disconnected, internet is gone so no wireless communication between two routers. I've done all the DHCP disabling and static IP assigning and WDS adjusting on the network ...


BT tech-support told me it is not possible for 'residential customers' to connect two routers wirelessly.


On the other hand, I read in many reviews that people have successfully used the TP-Link Wifi extender in conjunction with BT HH.


Is HH's problem with routers and not with wifi extenders? Can I use LAN port of the wifi extender to feed the bluray player?


I would appreciate any experience you may have. Just want to get to bottom of my issue which has possessed me for the past two weeks! Smiley Mad

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