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Bt Infinity Custermer Care / Service

Whwen reading this you may get De'Ja'Vue feeling .earlier this summer I upgraded to Infinity 2 not because I needed higher speeeds but on the recomendation of BT.

The reason was  that I had ongoing problems with speed both wierless and Ethernet .

Since then I have only had problems with speeds on  the wierless is now no existant .

I called time and time again .

Whilst the people in India and freindly enough it is a bit like talking to a robot.

anyway afer many hours spent trying to sought it out they finaly agreed that my modem aws not transmitting the wierles  correctly.

After many more on line tests Bt agreed to send another Router when it arrived I connect it up , reset all my password etc  only to find that the router would not connect to the Internet.

Since  I posted my feeling on the forum ( I thought) and as a result had an email from BT saying they were going to telephone me yesterday 08/10/2012 between 15.00 hrs and 18.00 hours .

It did not happen (As usual BT are incapable of keepong customers happy.

I sent them an email today and asked why no telephone call but they were very good and confirmed that they would phone today between 15.00hrs and 198.00hr I replyed and tod them I would not be here.Ok thay would make the call latter between 18.00hr and 20.00hrs .

Guess what    ??? I never had the call.

Is there another name for FRUSTRATION ?????

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Re: Bt Infinity Custermer Care / Service



I would suggest contacting the forum Mods. They are UK based and extremely good, I know this as I have contacted them for help in the past 🙂


Link is here :


They can take up to 3 days to reply but its worth the wait and they will sort you out.


Good luck,



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Re: Bt Infinity Custermer Care / Service

It's disgraceful really that the mods have to sort so much stuff out because customers can get no proper service from "customer service".

Time BT sorted this.

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Re: Bt Infinity Custermer Care / Service

Well, one at BT India said he was sending more wireless down the phone line and I literully just laugh'd and hanged up.

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