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Bt Infinity down for 4 weeks !!!


I am posting this message on behalf of a friend who is having major problems with bt's infinity broadband. His internet failed just over 3 weeks ago and in 3 more days he will have been without the internet for 1 month. He has logged the fault with bt and spoken to support on numerous occasions and has gone through all the regular fault finding steps and these have failed to identify any problem. Therefore the support line have booked an engineer visit 3 times and for some unknown reason the engineer failed to show on any of these booked visits, Apparently on 2 of the bookings my friend recieved a text message confirming that he had a booking on that day,
So he spoke to me tonight and asked if I had any idea on how he can proceed because he is getting nowhere fast, the calls to the Indian support centre have got him no success at all.

Is there a uk based phone number that he could possibly try ? He cannot email anybody due to his internet being out of action.

Any help will be appreciated, his story was really bad listening to nevermind experiencing !


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Re: Bt Infinity down for 4 weeks !!!

I suggest you/he reports the problem to the Forum Moderators here:


The Forum Moderators are usually pretty good at sorting out this kind of issue.

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