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Re: Bt Infinity no internet data all HH3 Lights are blue and all modem lights are on

Hi Ryan,


I have had a similar problem, and you can rage and get uptight, and you feel like no one is listening. It is infuriating, having built and designed networks since school, and I am now 46 years old!

You feel like you are talking another language with these people who, for all you know may have had some input in the satellite navigation systems, that send you into rivers, and are just following instruction, anyway they can to their next pay cheque.

An issue I find and makes the networks guys lots of cash is, the signal frequency that so many gadgets used these days.

Your cordless home phone, radio waves from a microwave oven, radio controlled toys, Freeview signals, and anything you or your neighbours use; that is remote control.

These all interfere with your router, hub and plug-in network extender's. They are competing for the same frequency!

The trick is to use CAT5 cables to create your network with and as they are not 'wireless or wi-fi' there is little or no interference.

Shielded CAT5 cables work better but standard is still better than 'wireless or wi-fi.'

Just plug your CAT5 into the back of the router or network hub and connect to a laptop, at first, as this is the less expensive method. If it works then, you can go out and buy longer cables in a CAT5 network kit.

Wireless is not what it is made out to be, the utopian world of the world wide web and hysterically we fall for all the smoke and mirrors trickery. Because once they have your cash, that's all they are worried about and just sing from the same hymn sheet, to appease the consumer groups and their own customer's irritation's.

Don't forget you always have the Sales of Goods Act to fall back upon. Quoting 'not fit for purpose' and standing firm. You can even claim for misrepresentation and mis-selling, as they are bound by the same contract to fulfil an obligation of a service. 

They are in breach of suspension of service. Just like if, you were to cancel your Direct Debit and create a right hooha! Not enough English speaking persons complain strong enough and will just be down-trodden, and just accept it.

I will take your money and give you abuse! That is what they are doing. Don't let them get away with it and get it on the social networking sites via other means of course! Lol.

Good Luck and let us know how you get on.

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Re: Bt Infinity no internet data all HH3 Lights are blue and all modem lights are on



Yup it has been a frustrating few days, the fault website says it wont be fixed until wednesday, but woke up today gave it another try and all working fine, so just hoping it stays that way from now on.


Thanks for all your help



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