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Bt Mini connector seems faulty


The BT mini connector that connects my YouView Box to the internet appears faulty as the data light and ethernet light are not coming on, apart from the power light at the bottom.  I have tried resetting the Youview box several times by turning it of for 1 minute and turning it back on to restart it, restarting my internet by switching off the power from the wall socket, pressing the plus button on the side of the BT mini connectors for 17 seconds to reset the connectors.  Is there anything else that you might suggest I do, please?  I can still access freeview , however, I am unable to access the Players and apps section on YouView as I am getting the following message:

Guide Preview unavailable.  We cant connect to the internet.  Please check your box and router, then restart the router.  For more information visit and search YVM102

I have checked the internet connections, checked my network connection status, checked my cables, restarted my router, restarted my YouView box  ...all to no avail.  I can access the internet on my other devices and my internet connection is good, apart from on the YouView box.

What do I do next, please?  Thank you.

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Re: Bt Mini connector seems faulty

See if the  BT Device experts can help @Dan-O or @BrunoN may reply here.

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Re: Bt Mini connector seems faulty

I had a similar problem and I had to pair my bt connectors again and they all started working again
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Re: Bt Mini connector seems faulty

Pairing is not resolving the problem, for me.  Thank you for your suggestion.  any other suggestions, please?

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