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Bt Smart Hub Randomly Restarts

So yesterday I received my new BT Smart hub or HH6 which my son installed for me he setup it all up so that it works perfectly. There are no issue with speed however every so often it flashes green and then a solid green colour is displayed I read in the manual that this is when the hub starts up which was strange to I checked all the connections and everything seemed fine it does it sometimes every 20 mins or every couple of hours and I don't understand why?

I thought this would be an upgrade from the hh5 but it seems just as bad in terms of connectivity wondering If anyone has any idea why it's doing this

Thanks Jayne
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Bt Smart Hub Randomly Restarts

has fimware updated to ending 21EC?


are you using test socket with new filter to eliminate internal wiring problems?

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