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Bt Yahoo Premium Mail

Hi, hope i am in the correct place for this.  I have my broadband/line rental via another provider but i have a yahoo premium email account.  I need to change the billing address (i receive email notification of the bill) but i cannot find anywhere i can do this, when i go to my account my address is correct but it doesnt change on my bill, it says to go to billing help but this isnt any use. Any ideas ??? 

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Re: Bt Yahoo Premium Mail

Hi Truditjh,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for the post.


You say in your post that you receive email notification of the bill when it is available, I would presume that you get this particular bill online via, Is that correct?  If this is the case is your billing address incorrect via the online account?


Do you receive a paper copy of this bill via the post?


Drop me an email to, include your account details (if you have any), premium mail email address and the link to this post.  I will see what I can do from my end.




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Re: Bt Yahoo Premium Mail

I'm confused.

I am a BT Broadband customer and have been for at least 10 years.


However I am changing to a cable supplier becai=use BT Broadband have just put back - for the fourth time, installation of BT infinity on my exchange and I need faster broadband.

However I want to keep my address. (which I have through BT Yahoo)

I thought I would need to sign up for BY Yahoo Premium - but obviously don't want a new, and different address.


The BT helpline that I spoke to firstly didn't recognise the phrase "BT Yahoo Premium" and then didn't understand the problem.


I was told 'Of course you can continue to use your btinternet address it's free anyway".


Is that so?



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Re: Bt Yahoo Premium Mail

Hi Oldjazzfan,


Welcome to the forum.  I am sorry to hear that we are losing you as a broadband customer.


Once you cancel your BT broadband connection your email address will be downgraded to basic mail, you will still be able to use this address free of charge for up to 90 days.  After that time you will need to upgrade to Yahoo Premium mail or you may lose access to that specific account.


Please read the info from this link BT Yahoo! Premium Mail.  On the right hand side on that page you will see the Premium mail telephone number which you can call to set this up.


As a matter of interest where you given an explanation as to why your order for BT Infinity has been delayed?  If you want I can look into this for you to see if we can get something sorted.  If you would like me to look into this, Please drop me an email via the 'Contact Us' link in my profile. (click on my name and you will find the link under the "about me" section). Include your BT account details and the link to this thread.




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Re: Bt Yahoo Premium Mail

Thank you for the helpful response.

I did not actually get a chance to order BT Infinity because BT has put back BT Infinity availability in the centre of Southampton to some undefined date more than 18 months hence.

I therefore, regretfully, decided to go to Virgin who have been pestering people in the street forsome several weeks.

The reality came when the cable layers arrived to 'pull' the Virgin cable to the house and discovered that it was not possible because the pavements have been resurfaced and no cable laying is possible for at least 12 months.

I am 'stuck' with BT and the slow broadband for another year or more. 

Further new problems are that:

1. as a Mac user, I cannot upgrade to the latest operating system ( "Lion") as BT doesn't appear to support it. 

2. I will lose my Broadband Talk / Hub phone capability if I upgrade to BT's latest Hub 3.


By loyalty is really being tested here.

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Bt Yahoo Premium Mail Problem


I have had to leave BT for another broadband supplier and want to keep my BT email as a premium mail account. (unfortunately BT infinity does not reach my house)

When I click to say "keep my Email" to sign up for Premium mail I get an error message saying "sorry but there seems to be a problem with the status of your account." the button for help and FAQs takes me to a screen which is unavailable. I want to sign up for the service now and am willing to pay for it! Why won't the system let me? It is infuriating. I am still within the 90 days of leaving but want to get this sorted before my mail gets cut off.

Can someone help?



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Re: Bt Yahoo Premium Mail Problem

Deleted by poster.

You can click the thumbs up icon below this message if you think it was helpful.
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Re: Bt Yahoo Premium Mail Problem

Instructions here, the price has probably gone up sice this was submitted.


Moving from BT e-mail to Premium Mail   -  by forum member alcook101

Following moving from BT Broadband to another supplier I wanted to keep my btinternet email addresss.


Having just wasted a lot of time trying to get this sorted out, this how I got it sorted out.



1) The BT website options do not work. The web page is not set up for chrome. When using internet explorer it just came up with "problem with account" when I tried to log in.

2) Ringing 0800-633-5335 - option 3 - the operator (David) did not really know what he was doing and I got nowhere. In the usual BT way was very polite and the same time completely unhelpful.



In the end I rang 0800-633-5335 option 2. I got through to someone called "Sid".


He eventually took my mobile number and rang through to another department to "downgrade" my email. This is a requirement of BT before upgrading to BT Premium email.


Sid rang me back and said it was all sorted and that the charge was £ 1.54 per month. Therefore my emails and the email address would be preserved.


He said there was a fault with the system in which a password change would be asked for. He said to ignore this - for this situation password change is not required.


Sid then said that billing would be separate and could not be included on a BT bill. Therefore bank details were required.

This didn't sound too good, however I didn't have much choice. 


When logging into my email I then got this message:


Service Change

Thank you for changing services.
With this service change, you will be receiving the following level of service:

Mailbox Storage Unlimited primary, Unlimited sub

Photo Storage Unlimited

Number of Sub Accounts



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Re: Bt Yahoo Premium Mail Problem

Hallelujah! Thanks for this reply. Spoke to Avik on the number you gave and it is sorted I hope. He just said the website link doesn't work!  I also would have preferred to just give my payments details on the website instead of over the phone.



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