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Bt cancelled my order with no explanation and now my nightmare seems to be starting

Decided to take up Bt infinity offer with broadband phone and Bt Sport package with sainsburys voucher. Ordered last week on line no problems very easy all seemed to be going to plan. Received e mails texts and paper work. Bt took line payment up front. Tuesday got e mail saying all proceeding along with emails saying bt sport was being cancelled and requesting my "kit" back, which I hadn't even received then. Another e mail requested I contacted bt. So I rang number provided, handler there hadn't a clue why I was ringing and couldn't answer my questions why my order appeared to be being cancelled. The person actually got quite snappy with me at 1 point, not good customer service BT. Just kept repeating same things and said would need to put me through to re order. Spoke to another handler, he couldn't say why been cancelled but thought it was because I hadn't provided my MAC code. I said no one asked me for it and their site says they will do all this. But surely I should have been phoned to sort this out before my order was simply cancelled?? I had to go through all my details again to set up new order but towards the end the man said for some reason he couldn't put this order through I would need to speak to another dept!! I was assured my original payment had been reimbursed at this appoint. Spoke to another man, he went through everything again and assured me this would be sorted but my connection date was now moved to end December. He also took another upfront line payment from me, assuring me the other had been refunded under the original order and he would make sure I got the sainsburys voucher from original deal. Total time on phone call? 1 and a half hours! On my precious day off. Within 5 mins of putting phone down, Jack rang back. When he had got to end of the order, it wouldn't go through! Basically, Bt's system doesn't support my type of order?! they can't upgrade me to infinity from broadband I currently have in 1 go. I have had to agree to have a basic hub sent, get that up and running and then have another infinity hub sent 2 week later and then they'll upgrade me to infinity. This is absolutely ridiculous BT. I am already regretting coming back to you and have no intention of spending my life or Christmas on the phone to you lot. Am I holding out any hope this is going to go through? None at all and I can already see a long infuriating stressful time ahead. Also I haven't been reimbursed my original payment yet when I have checked my account, so over £300 out of pocket at the moment!! I can't afford that BT. So if anyone out their can pick this up and tell me if there is any quicker way of resolving this I am all ears.
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Re: Bt cancelled my order with no explanation and now my nightmare seems to be starting

did you check that you can get infinity?  enter your phone number or post code and check

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Re: Bt cancelled my order with no explanation and now my nightmare seems to be starting

Hi AnnieH,


Welcome and thanks for posting!


I'm sorry that you've had so many problems getting your services up and running.  Your post makes grim reading to be perfectly honest Smiley Sad


No need to worry as we can help get you sorted from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to get in touch with us.





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