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Bt cloud some photos not uploading

Hi there, I'm new to this 'forum thing' so please be gentle with me. Since about 5 days ago I have been having issues with the BT cloud. Not all photos are uploading from my devices. Strange thing is that some are....I would guess about 30%. Some of the ones that aren't uploading say  'sorry, but we could not open this for you'. Some of them, although you can't see the photo thumbnail, actually open when you press on them. I rang BT this evening and they say that one of my devices must be full. They told me to transfer the photos to a computer. My wife had said her phone was getting low on I transferred her photos to to my computer (also a device as part of our cloud). Problem still happening. It seems to be happening across all devices. Until 5 days ago everything was fine! I am not out of cloud memory....only used 4%. 

Cany anybody help?



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BT cloud new upload problem

since yesterday, all photos uploaded to BT cloud, I am getting "Sorry, we could not open this file for you". 

it doesn't matter the size of device uploaded from.

i have used just 5% of my upload allowance.

all uploads from Monday and before are ok.

is this a known problem, or just mine?

does anyone know of a fix for this?


thank you.


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BT Cloud - Status of Files Uploaded is Stuck Displaying 'Checking'

Since two days ago all files uploaded to BT Cloud display 'Checking' indefinitely having apparently gone through the upload process (0 - 100% complete). It's not possible to delete the file as options such as 'Send to Trash' are not offered if the file is selected. If I retry the file upload the same thing occurs, 0 - 100% complete and then stuck in display 'Checking'.


Assistance appreciated - thanks.

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BT Cloud is this normal?

I found out I have 500Gb of cloud space with came with the BB, so I had a look and uploaded a number of photos to see what it can or cannot do. Out of 50 photos which I uploaded, more than half will not show a thumbnail, these are photos taken directly from my camera and mobile phone untouched. Then I try to download, for those photos which can show thumbnaila, they are downloaded to my computer, for those which cannot show thumbnails, nothing happened. 


My conclusion is I cannot use this space. Storage means you put something there and you can get it out. Not this cloud I can't. I use Windows 8 and 10 on 2 computers and have tried this using Firefox and Crome. A pity because Dropbox only give me 2gb and google drive 15gb, 500gb free is huge but wasted.


Is the BT Cloud designed this way? Or is something not working?

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Re: BT Cloud is this normal?

This is what I mean..  photo Screenshot 2016-07-28 18.13.57_zpsoob42xev.png


Further more I test uploaded a selection of Excel and Words files last night and as of this morning, they are still "checking", these are very simple files size all under 50kb. What is there to check?


I phoned up BT helpline and they put me through to a "BT Cloud" expert, she is from India and from what I can tell very young. She thought these Excel files are downloaded from Microsoft, I said no they are created from Excel. She doesn't even know Excel is a spreadsheet program. She also said that some jpgs might not be compatible with my system, I said I uploaded them, so how can it be incompatible to my own system. These files are successfully uploaded to OneDrive, Dropbox and Amazon drive without any problems. What hope is there when BT thinks she is an "expert"?


So I sent a complaint email to BT, can't wait to see what they have to say about this.

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BT Cloud

I have two files that have not backed up correctly on BT Cloud. Their status is "Checking" and I cannot download them. I have tried trashing them and starting again, but the result is alway the same. Problem bega at 23.00 on 28/07/2016

Can anyone help?

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Re: BT Cloud is this normal?

I have the same problem. It doesn't matter what devise I use to upload, or file size. This started on Tuesday.

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Re: BT cloud new upload problem

Just phoned the BT cloud helpdesk. I let the so called expert know I wasn't the only one with this problem, with all appearing in last few days, and where to find them on here. He tried telling me it was my computer that was at fault, even though I told me it was the same from where ever I uploaded from. Virtually called me stupid, and said it was the computer that the BT cloud sync file was. Tried telling me i had to get it fixed because it wouldn't show thumbnails, even after I said "so why does my MSN and Google clouds upload fine". I have added to speak to a supervisor, was told one will phone back. Let's see if I get that call.

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Re: BT Cloud - Status of Files Uploaded is Stuck Displaying 'Checking'

Hi @clivemacd Sorry you having trouble with your BT Cloud. Contact the Cloud help desk on 0800 500 3114 and I'm sure they'll be able to help you.




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Re: BT Cloud is this normal?

My complaint did yield some result. BT Cloud team contacted me and acknowleged there might be a fault somewhere in their cloud system and their tech team is actively looking for the fault, i.e. photo not showing picture thunbnail and other files stuck in checking mode. Might take until next week before things get better.

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