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Bt customer being charged when trying to sign up for BT Sport

I am a BT Broadband and land line customer and have tried all morning to set up BT Sport on my sky box and p.c. without any luck. When I try to subscribe BT Sport to my sky tv it says I have to pay £15.00 one off payment followed by £12.00 monthly payments, I thought it was free. I then tried to subscribe BT Sport to my p.c. It told me I am not a BT customer even though I was careful that all the information was correct including account numbers, sky card numbers, phone numbers etc.. I have had an online chat with someone in India who couldn't help he rang my phone and told me to wait while he put me through to someone who could. After 2 cups of tea and some more searching on the Internet I felt a bit foolish with the phone still to my ear listening to it ring at the other end in the false hope that someone would eventually pick it up and talk to me. I obviously had more patience than the person who I was expecting to answer the phone as I suddenly got cut off. I didn't go back to the chat room in India as when I first called them I was number 45 in the queue and that was at 7am this morning. Dread to think what number I would be now.  Anyone else had this problem that perhaps they could pass on some useful tips for me please.

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Re: Bt customer being charged when trying to sign up for BT Sport

I did it on the phone using 0800 800 030
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Re: Bt customer being charged when trying to sign up for BT Sport

Many thanks for answer. Found out what the problem is, years ago someone at BT had put me on a business tariff rather than residential but forgot to tell me. Therefore unable to register as my bt broadband and bt phone are on separate accounts. I was told to ring a bt business number 0800 800 152 to amalgamate both of these to residential. Have tried since 12pm to change this but all I've managed to speak to are robots and the call centres in India. Oh well tomorrows another day, good job I'm on two weeks annual leave I think I'm going to need it.





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