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Re: Bt full fibre 900

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250-300 fluctuating 

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Re: Bt full fibre 900

Have a word with the FTTP team. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Bt full fibre 900

I have 


they say to router there getting 800+ so should be fine!


stuck in limbo here - Cube Guy came and he’s being sent back but he just says all kid new should be fine but it’s not 


when he comes I’ll get him to do the plug into the router and then he can see - new router received today and I am still getting the same speeds 

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Re: Bt full fibre 900

Your problem is a carbon copy of mine. Constant download speeds of between 360 and 420mb done via ethernet cable to speedtesting device. I'm on full fibre to the home full fibre 900 halo 2. Rang the ftth team and they said I was getting 825mb when they ran the test!

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