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Bt phone line problem?

This beggars belief. My neighbour ordered a new phone so bt cut mine off and issued me a new number in her name. I lost my number and my broadband as a result. I spent over eight hours on the phone trying to get it sorted. The engineer came out and sorted hers but he cut me off altogether. I have now been told by bt that I have to order a new line and have a new number!! I also have to wait a month for an appointment. My wife works from home and needs Internet. Bt customer service just don't care at all!! I have made a complaint to bt but even they eventually hung up on me!! What can I do?
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Re: Bt phone line problem?

I suggest you re contact BT, It looks like there has a been a mix up at BT with the addresses this can happen I am afraid in multi tenancy Homes.

Explain that you have been disconnected in error, if you get nowhere with the advisor taking the call, ask to speak to a supervisor and explain this fully.

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Re: Bt phone line problem?

Go to trading standards and tell them all about it.. they should help you get reconnected at cost to yourself.. You may even get compo for your inconvienience..
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Re: Bt phone line problem?

First of all, you just can't go running off to trading standard so quickly as the poster above described.The operator has to try and resolve the issue over a reasonable period of time, plus this would only really delay the situation.


My advice would be to contact the call centre, explain what has happened and ask them to phone BT Openreach, the company in charge of setting up the line. They can then check the engineer's notes and it will be confirmed what has happened, they may have to stop the line again as to get your number back. Also speaking to a supervisor doesn't really actually help, unless u have a really incompentant operator,  as it is the operator you speak to that has the system in front of them. Once it has been resolved you can then speak to them about compensation as you can't get compensated until it has been resolved, because they can then work out how much to refund you


I used to work for a phone operator so I know the systems and have resolved issues like this before

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