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Bt sport picture break up

My problem is that my hh5 is upstairs at the front of the house and the tv's  downstairs at the back of the house. The hh5 is connected to the tv's by extenders over the ring main.

I only receive low def, no HD, but although when I first had bttv, the low def programmes seemed to be stable, hd was not, it is getting steadily worse and programmes like MotoGP are virtually impossible to watch.

Do I have any options, such as connecting the hh5 to the TV via a very long lead?

Suggestions please.

Otherwise it looks like it is back to putting it on Sky, but it limits the amount I can record.



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Re: Bt sport picture break up

Hi I don't have a solution but I'm following this post as I have exact same issue.

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Re: Bt sport picture break up

I have found a bit of a workaround, but only if not watching live or a recording.
Catch up can be used but not all live programmes are available on catch up,
If a programmes is selected from on demand,it can still break up as being received over the broadband, but if while watching it I go back a couple minutes and then restart there is buffer time whilst it is downloading th view. Hopefully the buffer does not reduce to zero as might then have to go back a minute or so again.
Last night BT gave me free Hd for 3 months. HD channels break up continuously, but using the above method I was able to watch the daily WRC highlights, the live stages not being available on demand, so I had to put up with SD recordings with some break up.
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