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Re: Bt tv box pro and full fibre cannot see my LG smart tv

As @garybs29 has said, if your hub is purple, you have no connection.

Its not a wizard, it is an on/off toggle.

It is not visible from a mobile device, you need to access the hub from a laptop/PC.


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Re: Bt tv box pro and full fibre cannot see my LG smart tv

Do I have to open a website to do this? This was not mentioned as a requirement by BT at any stage? 

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Re: Bt tv box pro and full fibre cannot see my LG smart tv

The hub is connected to a wall socket where the fibre  enters the house and this has the familiar three green lights I have on my VM router. Flashing as usual.  I do not understand why I have to initiate all this. The TV box user guide says I will be prompted for actions needed. So did the BT techie yesterday. There is nothing in the user guide and  no one at Dundee CC TS mentioned needing to know and do  THIS TO GET IT it normal? As you can tell I am not technical. . 

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Re: Bt tv box pro and full fibre cannot see my LG smart tv

The fibre doesn't enter the house at a wall socket, you should have a fibre modem (ONT) which connects to your Home Hub. The lights on the ONT shouldn't be flashing. The Power light should be on, the LOS light shoukld be off and the PON light should be steady green.

The ONT will look something like this


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Re: Bt tv box pro and full fibre cannot see my LG smart tv

I do indeed have an ONT modem with green lights, connected to the hub. Upstairs. Downstairs I have my LG smart TV connected to my TV box by an hdmi cable. There is also an aerial from the roof connected to the TV box. And a power source. 

BT advance emails you and tells you one item of your choice can be connected on the day  I asked the BT  techie about connecting up my TV and he looked completely astonished at the suggestion. I imagine he thought he had done his bit connecting the hub. Then he said as I was intend g to use TV box in WiFi mode no configuration was needed. As soon as I plugged everything together, he said, the configuration would start automatically and prompt me as needed. Only of course it did not. Aside from a tiny leaflet about the TV box there was no other literature supplied at all.

In the TV box leaflet it says  "the remote Control will automatically pair with the TV box and programme itself to control your TV as well." I thought about it and it was clear the LG tv and tv  box were not seeing each other. So I rang LG. The nice young man on the LG hp desk recognised the problem at once. I needed to to tell the TV it had a new device, in my case, tv box at hdmi port 1 and to configure it to work there as effective network device. So on my LG tv remote I pressed the cable icon and a list of connected things dropped down Inc aerial /live and Virgin (previous ISP box) and I selected the Hdmi device option and off it went..i got prompted to answer a few questions but eventually BT tv logo appeared. Maybe LG smart tvs are  bit different? 



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