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Bt you need to get your customer service and billing sorted not happy!!!

HI all just to let you know I have been with bt ( all 3 packages vision, broadband option 3 and telephone + the £5 each month free calls )


Until they tried to put all of the bills together all was fine I got all bills and went online to pay instant with card and or part direct debit for 2 of the 3 accounts. ) all no problems.




the change over back in July 2010.


After a 1.5 hours repetitive conversation with customer service ( and yes they where english speaking ) we are astill no where.


they now say that my bt broadband has a different account and has been sent to my landlord ( as he had to call them 3 yrs ago to get a line put in to my rent place)


any way the only problem is my broadband bill. I have not received any bill paper or email from July 2010 at ALL!!


I still get the bills for vision and telephone all in my name and gets paid direct debit I have no problems with those 2 its the broadband bill


Only to find last night my landlord came round irate that bt had cut him off because my broadband bill was not paid and he said its not his its mine ( this was lets say a slight confrontation with me and landlord) BT muck up again !!!!


Next I call today to speak to Customer service only for them to keep repeating that there is nothing they can do its in the landlords name.

I say I'm not bothered I just want to know why I was getting all bills and paying for them ON TIME until July 2010.


They then say they need to change the account holder to my name and I say but your sending me online email bill and paper billing for my vision and telephone why have you stopped the broad band.


Any way sorry for long story but I am seriously thinking of enough is enough now what with the first 18 months broad band connection problems ( exchange end had to re port 3 times their end) and 4 engineers. to get it sorted to now when BT change all account into one for this to happen.


LISTEN BT  ITs now become a personal confrontational matter ( my landlord coming round)

ITS your problem your end GET it sorted.


If my only advice to anyone with BT

1GET account in your name same address if possible.

2. make sure BT know your mobile, and email addresses. double check each year when you renew contracts

3. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN , name, time date who spoke to.




also sent email to adam lee yesterday about this whole thing. Adam lee was who my landlord spoke to about the whole thing and so I think he deducted the wrong billing of my broadband to his account.


his email is  ******* for any one else.




when I check my online statements it shows all 3 accounts yet BT customer service say my broadband account has been disconnected??  DUHHHH im using it now !!


and funny thing is  how can you pay a bill if the broadband says your bill is uptodate your next bill is due 16th October 2010 ( YES 2010 ..LOL)



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Re: Bt you need to get your customer service and billing sorted not happy!!!

GREAT here's a new thing so i called again ( 2nd time today) to 0800 800 150 and spoke to a nicer lady of which i had to explain the whole thing again. she totally understood and she said she would get her supervisor to sort this out only to guessed it..




What is going on here

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Re: Bt you need to get your customer service and billing sorted not happy!!!

It really is a shame BT is such a mess for customer service including billing I have had first rate phone and adsl services for years and whilst forums by their nature tend to be complaint orientated some are truly horrifying and as BT hold all the cards they don't seem to care at all

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: Bt you need to get your customer service and billing sorted not happy!!!

Hi Hamish72

Thanks for comments

I totally agree as I run my own facebook custom fanpage design and webhosting so I know how customers what to be treated Key 1 I learnt is always listen and repeat back their question. and 2 solve the problem. 3 revert back to no: 1


UPDATE: just spoke to another customer service person called KAREN. Now this is not a name and shame in fact I have include her name as she sorted this all out in 30 mins totally understood and has 75% solved problem while on the phone. The other 25% is down to waiting to activation of a move over of the error of bt putting my broadband account under my landlords account ( different address ). Why the other CS couldn't do this I don't know.


any way will let you all know how it goes.

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