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Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

I signed up to the new bt now entertainment package and received  a new bt youview  4k uhd box I could get all Freeview channels on my TV prior to setting up the box  but now I get no Freeview channels through the box at all I have tried all that bt says  to try 

I have an older bt youview box model T2110 that shows all Freeview and subscription channels with no signal issues

Please help

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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

Hi Yorkey64,  welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry you're having problems getting the freeview channels.  Can you try this check?

  1. Pressing the Home (or YouView) button
  2. Going to Settings > Signal & Connection > TV Signal Quality

If the signal quality is less than 50%, this indicates that your signal is too weak to receive this channel. If your signal is too high, this could also cause the issue. 

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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue


That won't help if there are no Freeview channels in guide 😉


Are you using the exact same aerial cable and aerial socket from the wall as the DTRT2110 that picks up your Freeview channels properly?

Is the aerial cable coming directly from the socket on the wall to the back of the DTRT4000? If not it's worth trying it and testing.

If you're not, you may have a problem with the cable/socket that your DTRT4000 is connecting to.

If you are...The Freeview tuner card in theses boxes are different, and what we know is that different hardware have different tolerances.

It is completely plausible that your signal strength is a bit on low side, low enough for the DTRT4000 to not tune correctly but the DTRT2110 may do a better job at it.

It is also possible, that your signal strength is too high (yes that is a thing, ideally you want a sweet spot) creating the same problem as if the signal were too low.

It is ALSO possible, that the DTRT4000 is faulty, has a dodgy port for the aerial on the back on box, or your aerial cable going into the box is not quite connecting with the metal properly.

After checking each suggestion above, you want to perform a channel re-scan on the box to see if what you have changed has made a difference.

In addition to the above, if your signal is too low or too high, and you have a signal booster in the loft for example connecting to your aerial, you can try a different port on the booster, or remove it altogether.

If the signal is too low, it can be boosted to help the DTRT4000 picking up the channels.

I appreciate the above may be a lot to digest, but I hope it does help!

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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

The two boxes are connected the same way using the same cables I had tried factory reset and retuning a number of times on the dtrt4000 without any improvement in the Freeview channels how can a so called newer device be so poor

Please help

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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

Hey @Yorkey64 

It isn't that the box is poor, like I said before there may well be an issue with the signal and the newer device doesn't like it.

Ideally you want to find the problem (still may well be the box) here are some suggestions:

-Move the box to another working aerial socket in the house and re-scan there, if you pick up the channels it suggests something strange about the other socket

-Try a different aerial cable and re-scan, if that works, it suggests something not quite right about the one you are using

-Remove your aerial booster (if you have one) and re-scan

-If you have a signal box connected to the aerial, try moving your aerial cable to another port on the signal box


If you feel you can't do any of the above, let me know and I will get a new box sent to you in an attempt to rule out the box being faulty.

If the box does turn out to be faulty, I will arrange for someone to pick it up and bring it back to me for testing

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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

hi when I check the signal strength and signal quality in the t2100 get signal strength 92 and signal quality 100

When I connect the t4000 exactly the same I get a signal strength of 92 and a signal quality of 25

Please help

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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

Signal Strength: 92
Signal Quality: 25?

On the DTRT4000 you should not be able to get your signal strength and quality if you had NO Freeview channels.


So, do you have 0 Freeview channels, or do you have some and missing others?



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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

After tuning the device it says found 75 Ariel Freeview channels but they are all pixelated so much they are unwatchable with a signal quality reading of less than 30%

Please help

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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

Ok understood, we are on the same page now.

When watching a freeview channel, or on the settings page which shows you the signal strength and quality...If you wiggle the aerial cable or socket on the back of the Youview box, can you make it maintain a good picture or do you see the signal quality levels increase?

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Re: Bt youview 4k uhd box issue

The picture remains unwatchable and signal quality stays about the same after wiggling the ariel
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